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KTVU TV, a Fox Affiliate, will be featuring the author on "Bay Area People", taping on August 20.

KPFA Radio, San Francisco, will be taping the author for
"Cover to Cover" in their studio on August 4.

The Martha Stewart syndicated radio program on Sirius will feature The Parrot Who Thought She Was a Dog on July 28.

Book signing and speaker requests are coming in from across the country; more details as these develop.

Nancy Ellis-Bell is now sharing her parrot stories on The Parrot Perch.com

Nancy Ellis-Bell will be on an expansive radio satellite tour, Tuesday, July 22 while she is in New York for her book launch.

There will be a book launch event and signing at Uptown Birds, Amsterdam @ 85th, New York, New York on Wednesday, July 23 at 6:00. Refreshments will be served.

Nancy Ellis-Bell is in discussion with CBS for a potential series on People and Their Parrots directed toward either Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel.

The radio satellite tour is now up to 21 cities, with 2 national shows in the mix.

The Orlando Sentinel Review, posted July 18, 2008 – link: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/features_lifestyle_animal/

Planned reviews in the November/December issue of Best Friends magazine.

Richmond Times-Dispatch review is assigned for September 7.

Marion Roach will be promoting the book on Martha Stewart Living Radio’s Naturalist’s Datebook the week of July 28.

San Jose Mercury News review is assigned.

Northern California media and TV also planned.

Shelf Awareness review released July 16:.

The Parrot Who Thought She Was a Dog by Nancy Ellis-Bell

"I had adopted a raptor," Nancy Ellis-Bell admits to herself in this charming journal of unexpected love between a one-legged macaw and a literary agent good with problematic animals. When she first met the caged blue-and-gold bird, she was drawn to its gorgeous plumage and its four-ft. wingspan. The vets and caretakers warned her about the bird's viciousness. A single soulful gaze into the macaw's wise eyes was all it took to hook Ellis-Bell on the bird whom she named Sarah and on every last issue her wildness might present.

Ellis-Bell brought Sarah home in a cage that dominated a 10'-by-12' converted trailer already crowded with two dogs, two cats and a husband. When Ellis-Bell finally decided to let Sarah out of her cage to roam around the house, one thing became very clear: the bird ruled. Everything from furniture to French lingerie became hers. Anyone who has ever loved a "difficult" pet will heartily enjoy the detailed inventory for raptor-proofing a home. Each tale of another ingenious method that wild things devise to get what they want recalls times when all we can do is say, "That's cute."

Ellis-Bell, the one who thought she was in control, learns many lessons from Sarah. First of all, macaws choose one mate, and Sarah chose Ellis-Bell as hers. Before you say, "That's cute," meet harsh mistress Sarah: jealous, possessive and loud enough when miffed to bring in the police. Pats for the dogs and cats had to be delivered out of Sarah's sight. As for sex between lawfully-wedded husband and wife, the operative word was furtive. Pet-haters will ask, "Why did she put up with this?" Pet-lovers, though, will thrill to every minute of the adventure.

Not to spoil all the fun, I offer only one tidbit. One early spring day, Ellis-Bell ventured out to her garden to plant bulbs. By this time, Sarah had begun behaving like her little dog, following her everywhere (the macaw had also displaced the dogs, developed a taste for their bones and perfected an imitation of their barks. All together now, "That's cute!"). Sarah watched intently as Ellis-Bell dug a hole and planted a bulb. As it so happens, macaws love to dig in dirt. Sarah then proceeded to dig her own hole and wait for a bulb to be put in place so that she could cover it up, too. At moments like that, and there are many, Ellis-Bell persuades her readers to feel and see the unforgettable passion she shared with Sarah.--John McFarland

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