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"An amazing story full of intriguing characters, both human and animal, and a biologically accurate account of bird behavior. I coulldn't put it down."

- Marc Morrone, Pet expert on the Martha Stewart Show

"In The Parrot Who though She Was a Dog, Nancy Ellis-Bell shares the magic of making a truly singular connection with an exotic, intellegent, sensitive, and essentiallyt wild creature. I can't wait to share this book with my clients and friends."

- Joel Blumberg, DVM at Santa Rosa Veternary Hospital

"Nancy Ellis-Bell has manages to capture on paper the trials and absolute splendor tht so many go through when finding themselves being 'owned' by a feathered companion and shows how the experience can lead to a life of uncondtional love and respect for these magnificent creatures."

- Daniel Kopulos, Veternairy technician and owner of Uptown Birds, New York City.

"Ellis-Bell shows just how a macaw can steal your heart - and rule your life! Enjoy a glimpse of living with these wonderful birds."

- Pat Surniak, President of the Redwood Empire Cage Bird Club, Santa Rosa, California

"Sarah is a delightfully mischevious creature the reader grows to love as Ellis-Bell did"

- Puiblisher's Weekly


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